I love selling houses! My only regret is that I didn’t start my real estate career sooner. Before real estate I was a Vice President of Marketing for a McLean-based consulting company. About 15 years ago I decided to jump full-steam into real estate, and haven’t looked back. My marketing experience translates directly into helping people sell their homes.

One of characteristics that define a successful real estate agent is their desire to work hard. Being the first-born child of German immigrant parents, you might say that the hard-working gene is in my DNA.   

Another helpful trait is the ability to understand people, beyond what they may say. Here you could say that my Psychology degree from Bucknell University is applicable. Many of my clients do.  In addition, my Masters Degree in Public and International Affairs is what brought me to DC and continues to help me understand just a little bit of the awesome and important professional work that many of my clients do.  My clients are amazing and I am honored to be involved in their lives.