Buyers Tools

Buying a home is a big deal. Whether you have bought a home before or are looking to buy your first house, start the process here. Use the search tools available on this website to really zero in on the geographic area and other property feature details you care about. You don’t have to sign up but if you do it will be easier for you to search next time.

Using this search function has the added benefit of searching for ONLY active listings, so you won’t be confused by listings that are already under contract.

There can be a lot of strategy involved when buying your next home, especially in today’s very low inventory environment. Real estate is all about supply and demand, and today’s market is characterized by low supply and high demand. That means we have to get creative and aggressive about getting you the house that everyone wants. Through my network, my brokerage connections (we are the largest brokerage in the DC area), and skillfully crafting an offer that wins, you can beat the competition in order to get the best house on the block!