Unsure If It’s Best To Sell To A Builder Or A Buyer?

What about selling to a builder? Many sellers would like to sell to a builder because they think it’s easiest. And many buyers resist selling to a builder because of the McMansions being built all around town.

There are a few ways you can maximize your profit while deciding on the buyer that is best for you:

  • Sell to a builder. First we need to be sure your lot has the characteristics that are important to a builder: lot size, lot frontage, relatively flat and easy to work on. Please don’t sell your most valuable asset to the builder that presents you with an unsolicited offer. The number they give you will undoubtedly be less than what you could get by shopping your property around and generating competition among builders for it.
  • Sell to a buyer who wants to live in it. If your property is perfectly livable it may also appeal to someone looking to live in it as-is. There are plenty of buyers who are happy to put in a little elbow grease and sweat equity to improve a property. You don’t have to do any prep to the house, just put it on the open market and let builders and buyers compete for it! You then decide whether the builder or buyer offer is right for you.

Unsure if it’s best to sell to a builder or a buyer? A free, no-hassle, no-obligation review of your property will give you the answer. Contact me!

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